Onshape Enterprise

Today’s businesses need more speed & innovation in product design, and an agile design process is the answer - where innovation is accelerated by process and tools, rather than being stifled by it.

Onshape Enterprise is for large Onshape deployments requiring advanced design control & reporting within their agile design process.

Onshape Enterprise includes all the features of Onshape Professional, plus:
Manage Enterprise Teams
Manage Enterprise Users
View Enterprise User Profiles
Current Global Activity
Real-time Deployment and Access

Every Onshape plan lets you instantly provide secure access to CAD and data management to everyone on a team, everywhere, on every one of their devices. No clients or servers to install. Freedom from CAD software and PDM server maintenance. And, instant de-provisioning means no lingering ‘offline’ copies of data to synchronize or worry about.

Onshape Enterprise goes beyond Onshape Professional with advanced Enterprise features including:

  1. Role-based access control: policy-based access to your company’s Onshape data by role (“Administrator”, “Designer”, “Vendor”, etc)
  2. Custom URL and branding for your company's Onshape domain
  3. Select and enforce security policies including mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA)
  4. Enterprise class account provisioning with Active Directory support
Enterprise Dashboard
Enterprise Document Info
Document Version Compare
Document Version Graph
Real-time Data Management & Collaboration

With Onshape, any change made by anyone anywhere is instantly reflected to everyone everywhere -- without the need for separate cumbersome PDM servers. And, unique simultaneous editing means no worries about overwriting each other’s changes or finding the latest version.

Onshape Enterprise goes beyond Onshape Professional with advanced Enterprise features including:

  1. Advanced document activity analytics enable organizations to track document changes and ensure compliance
  2. Advanced dashboard graphs (by user, team, project, geography and time) enable organizations to track progress
  3. Advanced vendor/supplier collaboration with guaranteed centralized ownership of data in your company’s domain, w/100% tracking of all activity by vendors & contractors
  4. Fully compatible with your existing data from existing enterprise CAD system including Catia, Pro/E (Creo) and SolidWorks
  5. Create and centrally manage Onshape Teams across your entire enterprise
Edit Events
Create Reports
Edit Events Expanded View
Manage Enterprise Policies
Real-time Analytics and Controls

With Onshape Enterprise, management and executives get real-time access on any of their devices to comprehensive up-to-the-millisecond data about their product design process, right down to the granularity of a dimension change or rounded edge. It’s the information and controls you need to make real-time decisions in fast-moving agile design processes.

Onshape Enterprise gives you:

  1. Fine-grained control over policies governing document ownership, sharing, and system access
  2. Deep analytics on user and document access
  3. Instant insights into project status and team velocity
  4. Advanced user activity analytics enable organizations to track progress, provide oversight and ensure compliance